Elementary school history in Porto San Giorgio. De Amicis institute: 100 years of teaching

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailIt has more than 100 years the elementary school “De Amicis” in Porto San Giorgio. It was founded in 1913 and it has been the place where about all of Porto San Giorgio citizens studied. Its name come from that Edmondo De Amicis, the author who wrote “Cuore”.

Not only the name makes the school important for Porto San Giorgio…

Besides its name, elementary school has a long history, till nowadays. It continues teaching the childs how to write, how to read, preparing them for the mayor schools or life itself. I said more tha 100 years of teaching. Many memories live in older in Porto San Giorgio. Some of them went to this school during the fascism and had to wear an uniform. Coming to school they had to pass a gate. Into the yard, males were separated from females: each group had its own access to enter the school. After a fascist salute, the lessons started. Saturdays were the “fascist days”: a children procession used to go to Mentana square where there was (and is also nowadays) a war fallen monument and where they were used to make another fascisst salute.

elementary school history
a view of the “De Amicis” elementary school as seen from the near garden

Nowadays the school is still working.

Male and Female go in the same groups and classrooms. No more gates, but only two doors for entering the school. Near to the building there is a garden. It is called “Giardino d’estate”. In the past this garden was the place where children took gymnastic lessons at school. Nowadays there is a bar and a place where to play. Childrend and young often go there. In 2013, the 100th the elementary school “De Amicis” organized a 100th birthday party. Contemporary alumns dedicated a song, that should be called hymn, in Italian Language: Cara la nostra scuola (our beloved school). It tells about hte years gone, the changes made according the history lived, the high value it had and it still has nowadays. The municipality placed a memorial tablet to remember this first hundred anniversary. A hundred years (103!) lived, educating children of Porto San Giorgio.

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