Happy birthday theatre! 200 years of shows!

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailHappy birthday theatre! Today it is the 200th birthday of our theatre of Porto San Giorgio. It was the 29th of January 1817 and the first show went on stage. It was an operetta and was very appreciated by people of that time. The theatre now hosts many shows and concerts. One of them will take place today, in the afternoon. Today, no official celebrations will occur. The institutional ones will take place, officially, during the next weeks (I will narrate you!).


Theatre’s construction


The building outside

The architect Giuseppe Locatelli designed the theatre. It was built between the years 1811 and 1817. Carlo Basili from Porto San Giorgio was the master builder and directed the works. The theatre in Porto San Giorgio is not big, but was built according to the population of the city: in 1808 Porto San Giorgio counted 3582 inhabitants, in 1827 they were 1808.

The building outside

The front of the theatre has a famous writing: “Castigat ridendo mores”. The meaning of the inscription is “Humor punish mores by laughing”.

The building inside

The building inside

Inside the theatre, which has 290 places, there is a vault painted by local artist Sigismondo Nardi. The vault represents the performing arts, a night sky and the twelve constellations, alltogether in a circular structure. In 1862, the theatre was named after Vittorio Emanuele. Did King Vittorio Emanuele visit Porto San Giorgio in 1860 and the art director Mariano Piervittori, coming from Foligno, manufactured the curtain. He drew the scene of the king entering the city on the curtain, but it was lost during a fire.

The show history

Many famous company worked into our theatre. In the XVIIth century Eleonora Duse acted into the theatre. From 1862 to 1890, some lyric operas went on stage. For example Lucrezia Borgia, I Due Foscari, Il Trovatore. During the Second World War and during the aftermath of the war, the theatre has been closed. Moreover, in 1950 it became property of the municipality.

Nowadays, since 1992, the theatre is open to many shows performed and sometimes, also civil wedding take place inside. Here you will find some photos of the shows


The Christmas Night 2016 Holy Mass

Due to the St. George church closing time caused by the October’s quake, the parson celebrated the holy Mass of the Christmas Night 2016. I will tell you this event in one of the next blog posts.

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