Happy easter from Porto San Giorgio.

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailEaster Sunday is coming also in Porto San Giorgio. You probably all know that in Italy we are used to eat Easter eggs ad many other sweets and food.

Tradition tells that chocolate is one of the main memories of the locals living in Porto San Giorgio since they were childs. Everyone’s memory is connected to chocolate. The youngers remember the chocolate eggs; the olders call to their mind “the squaglio” (a local word for the hot chocolate): on Easter Sundays, kids woke up smelling the hot chocolate aroma. Mums put it into cups.

Other people remember themselves eating “ciambellotto” (another local word to indicate something like the angel food cake). Mums prepared it puppet-shaped and all the family were used to eat this cake during the Easter lunch. Some other people call to mind “Amandovulo”: this is not a true Easter cake, but many people ate it on Easter Sunday. It is an almond typical chocolate covered cake of Porto San Giorgio. The oldest rember the “ciambella Pasquale”, a big ring-shaped cake they ate together to boiled eggs and salami. Nowadays some people still have this kind of breakfast.

I personally rembember something connected to when I went to the elementary school. I attended the junior school in catholic insitute, ruled by sisters. My teacher was not a sister; but I remember that during the Lent period I was asked to write down on a piece of paper something I should have renounced. I put these little “acts od mortification” into a box, grabbing one per each day and trying to follow what I should have renounced. At the end of this kind of fasting, like the “Friday fast” of the adults”, an easter egg was waiting me on Easter Sunday. I was happy to finally discover what the chocolate egg had inside: the surprise!

This year Easter is coming at the end of March and a young fisherman remember when his father and the other fishermen started working on their boats and cuttlefishes traps. This is the year’s period when local fishermen were used to start going back fishing.

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