Kiko Arguello honorary citizen of Porto San Giorgio

kiko arguello honorary citizen

Porto San Giorgio welcomes its new honorary citizen, Kiko Arguello, founder of the “Neocathecumenal way”. The city council ruled to give him the honorary citizenship on January 18th, 2019. Yesterday, January 19th, the mayor, Mr Nicola Loira, gave him the official document during a ceremony.

kiko arguello honorary citizen
The ceremony hall

It took place into the big “Reunion hall” of the international neocathecumenal centre “Servo di Jahvè”. There were about 1200 people: they came in Porto San Giorgio from alla round the world. They were in our city to pray together with Francisco Josè Gomez De Arguello Wirtz, commonly known as “Kiko”. He is a holy man, teacher, artist. He comes from Spain but as we have said from now he is also honorary citizen of Porto San Giorgio. Many neocathecumens attended the ceremony in a day which joined faith to secularism.

Kiko itself said: «Choose poor and humble things to show your glory: that is because you chose Porto San Giorgio. Here many neocatecumens came. Some chinese evangelizers are here, here there is the heart of our way. We are near to Loreto and this is a fact that makes us joyful and take our heart always on the way. Here we come, here we restore our spirit, from here we start the way again. Here we come back if suffering, God fix us. We could have been in Milan, in Rome, but we have chosen Porto San Giorgio”.

kiko arguello honorary citizen
The mayor Nicola Loira gives the official statement to Kiko Arguello

Our mayor Nicola Loira was excited to give the man being point person for faith for 135 states the highest city award. «God brought neocathecumenal way everywhere. You wil find it in every spanish dioceses, mostly in italian ones» Kiko Arguello said, «Many youngs are our strenghtness». Then the Mayor, Mr. Loira, gave him the honorary citizenship: «The city council voted through the statement unanimously. Kiko started the neocathecumenal way, that live in our city since 40 years ago and involve many families».

Faith but also business: hotel are often full of faith people, coming here to this important place. A place that live thanks to a person, not living. The mayor, Mr. Loira, told the history. «I would like to remember Patrizio Astorri and Maria Grisostomi» he said, «the were the first people starting the neocathecumenal way giving the Fermo diocese this landa as a donation. But I would also like to remember the priest n Enrico, he will alays live in our hearts».

And Pope Johannes Paulus II came also here, in the neocathecumenal centre, on December 30th, 1988.

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