Nativity scene in Porto San Giorgio

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nativity scene in porto san giorgio

Not only a nativity story, because the big artwork is more than that. It represent thw whole sacred history, starting from the nativity and arriving to Christ’s resurrection. It comes directly from 32 years of collection. The collector and the designer are the same person: Mrs Renata Ficiarà. She lives in Porto San Giorgio and started with one piece, only showing the Nativity. Then, she bought every piece. Year by year, she created the big opera you can see in the linked video. We will not tell you more than necessary.

nativity scene in porto san giorgio

It must be visited, if you come to Porto San Giorgio or, if you will not be here in our city before the 7th of January, you will be able to see in the announced video. At the beginning you will find the reproduction of the St George church, and some scenes, in which Mrs Ficiarà represented her husband, her parents and parents-in-law.

Then she constructed the sacred history. She decided to put also another church of our city, and finally a little corner with Santa’s village.

Enjoy your reading, enjoy the video!


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