New projects at the BIT exhibition in Milan

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmailPorto San Giorgio was in Milan, during the past days, for the BIT travel ezxhibition. Our city had 30 minute to present the city and the new tourist guide, published last week (you can find it here). Our Municipality showed the public also the new upcoming projects of a new city Ecomuseum and a little cinema whichi will be the main attraction of the seafaring room in Palazzo Trevisani.

“Eco-museum will promote our area, both for cultural and touristic perspective and i twill start to describe the sea culture from the next summer season”, tourism assessor of Porto San Giorgio said. Guided routes, info points and the chance to take a look to the “Vittoriosa”, the oldest ship still sailing. Marco Fidani, who also was in Milan during the fair, ownes this boat.

Porto San Giorgio was hit by a storm in the 30s (here a celebration during the past years). The anthropologist Francesco De Melis, produced a docu-video, which report the voice of the people survived from that terrible storm. “This is a new way to promote the historical memory of our region. An ancient tradition can be contemporary”, De Melis said. It was promoted away from Porto San Giorgio, also abroad, and it had many positive evaluations. The micro cinema of Palazzo Trevisani showed this docu-film: people will have the suggestion of touching and living the storm.

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