Official touristic guide of Porto San Giorgio published by the Municipality

official touristic guide of porto san giorgio cover


The municipality of Porto San Giorgio recently pubished a new official touristic guide of the city. It is written both in Italian and in English language, and it contains lots of information about our city. Below you will find the pdf (taken from the official touristic site of Porto San Giorgio: Sangiorgio Turismo

It contains many informations about Porto San Giorgio

The city: general description

The sea: a short description of our coast

History and Culture: City historical and cultural news

Food & wine: The two typical food of Porto San Giorgio: Fish broth (soup) and Amandovolo (a special cake)

Events: The most famous events during the year

Tours: One cultural and one food tour are described here

Services and Contacts: Here the main services and contacts are listed

How to get: The last chapter tells the people how to get to Porto San Giorgio


Enjoy your reading, enjoy Porto San Giorgio

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