Porto San Giorgio meets Nymburk


Porto San Giorgio meets Nymburk
a picture from the meeting

Porto San Giorgio meets Nymburk, its twin city from Czech Republic. Today, Tomas Mach, Nymburk’s mayor, and Petr Vlasak, the local european representative, visited  our municipality. They were in the city council hall together to our mayor, Nicola Loira. The municipality sport personnel were inside too. Jindrich Licek and Vojsech Vechet participated the meeting. They are managers of the local volleyball team

Porto San Giorgio is hosting more than 40 volleyball players, both boys and girls. Three are the categories of play, under 19, under 17 e under 16.They are here to rest and prepare for the next sport season, and will play some matches. Nymburk and Porto San Giorgio twinned last year, and on September 2016 a delegation from our city went in Czech Republic.

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