Look at Porto San Giorgio. Today is St George Day


Today, Porto San Giorgio is celebrating St George Day: the patron of my city is St George.

There are many versions of the legend.

According to one of them St. George was walking through the lybian city “Selem”. In this place there was a big lake, where an enormous dragon lived. This dragon did not wanted to eat sheeps anymore: he started asking for humans. The population started offering him no more sheeps, but their sons and daughters. The sacrifical victims were choosen with a draw.

One day the king’s daughter was drawn and the king itself offered half of the his ownings and kingdom to the village people. They did not want to see anymore one of their sons being eaten by the dragon. So he was forced to bring the young girl to the dragon. The young George knew that and came to the lake, he freed the king’s daughter and brought the dragon to the village. He asked the people to become Christian and being baptised; if they would have done that, he had killed the dragon. So it was made: Saint George killed the dragon with his sword and the locals became Christians.

In Porto San Giorgio we celebrate this day with an Holy Mass inside the St. George church, a procession, and a concert of our official orchestra. Many other events take place, during these days. But the main ones are those who I told you. We usually sing an official hymn, written by two priests in the 30’s of the past century. Click here to read the words (But the hymin is in Italian language)

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