The theatre during the winter (2) – Tuck and Patti were in Porto San Giorgio (2016, March 17th, Thursday).


Since I work as social media manager of the culture depth of Porto San Giorgio yesterday I was into the theatre and I could listen to Tuck and Patti performing their art.

It was exiciting because of the music of the Tuck’ guitar. It was touching because of the voice of Patti. It was intense because of the great applauses. Before the concert I looked for some information about them, to better promote the event on the official social media channels of the culture depth of Porto San Giorgio. On the Faq section I read a passage, where Tuck and Patti wrote:

«Unanimous agreement that the music should have a positive message that speaks from our hearts, and that all business decisions should keep this in mind. This is not a guaranteed formula for maximizing financial returns, but it is definitely the formula for maximizing overall returns. It tends to minimize ego problems. It causes the positive power of the music to increase over time. It tends to attract like-minded listeners, giving us the best possible audience, and challenging us to go deeper. It reinforces our desire to be sane and be the same people both on and off stage, which makes for a much more coherent life in the long run. It simplifies business and personal decisions»

I agree with them. Tuck played the guitar and Patti sang: both of them performed the concert with their hearts and souls. They were great. The last lyric was “Time after time”, and they made the public part of the song. Patti sang and the public answered “Time after time”. It acted like a chorus, in a perfect armony with Tuck and Patti on the stage. Besides the work (look at the photogallery of the event), I like what the jazz brings to people: emotions and feelings. That is the same universal language spoken by all the music and all the musicians.

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